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    Release 3.3.0 · 4b3c83b2
    AtjonTV authored
     * Config Engine using our custom Konfig format
       * Adding in setting 'updates'
       * Adding in setting 'refresh_limit'
       * Adding in setting 'remote'
     * Using the SmartSync Technology of AAAB-Proxy for join-refreshes
     * Adding in /aaab command
       * Adding in '/aaab settings' command
     * Adding in aaab.* Permission
       * Adding in 'aaab.see_settings' Permission
     * Wrong version compare
     * Wrong update installation path
    (Closes #1 and #2)
    Signed-off-by: AtjonTV's avatarAtjonTV <thomas.obernosterer@atvg-studios.com>
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