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  4. 16 Dec, 2020 2 commits
  5. 08 Dec, 2020 8 commits
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      misc: Commit updates in gradlew and gradlew.bat · 59828186
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      misc: Ignore the bin filder, created by whatever · efae7db4
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      ffdb: Remove V1 support · 18f317b4
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      BREAKING CHANGE: This removes the V1 Read function from FFDB, and throws a Exception when trying to use V1.
      V1 is deprecated and now fully removed because it only allowed saving ONE object in the DB File; V2 on the other hand
      allows you to store Int.MAX_VALUE objects in the DB File Top-level. Using Lists as data for FFDB can extend the max amount of data.
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      ffdb: Change removeAt return type to be not-nullable, as it cant be null · 7d925aef
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      * Its not documented in Stdlib but I guess it will throw IndexOutOfBounds if it doesnt exist, instead of null
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      library: Allow full access to most functions of a loaded Class and its parents · 70e40be9
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      * This extends function support from just Private and Public to also Protected and Native
        This is to allow a loaded class to contain Native code.
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      Build: Bring back JavaDoc and Source jars · 925a8778
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      Release 5.1.0 · 387efcd6
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      * Added
       * `string` extension for Random
       * Directory as Directory2 alias
       * `luhn10` extension for String
       * `mod97` extension for String
       * isVirtual parameter to ZipFile constructor
       * ZipFile.openVirtual to output the file to a random Stream
       * `klib.os.Platform` object
       * Platform Extensions for System
       * `IncompatibleArrayLengthException`
       * `onConflict` to Map.`smartMerge` and Map.`mergeArrays`
      * Changed
       * Upgraded Kotlin from 1.3.71 to 1.4.10
       * FFDB v1 files are read-only. (FFDB is still Experimental so this change is acceptable)
       * fileName parameter of ZipFile constructor is Nullable (only allowed when isVirtual=true)
       * ZipFile.open only opens a file if fileName!=null; throws an error if fileName==null && isVirtual==false
       * In ZipFile all file accessors could throw a ZipTraversalNotAllowedException
       * Map.`mergeArrays` throws `IncompatibleArrayLengthException` when arrays have different sizes
      * Deprecated
       * Queue (`klib.queue.Queue`)
       * Function (`klib.queue.Function`)
       * Function -> Any (`klib.queue.Function_Any``)
       * Word (`klib.word.Word`)
      * Fixed
       * String.`toUpperCaseOnUnderscore` was rewritten and works propperly now
      * Security
       * ZipFile reject all paths that seem like they could cause a traversal attack
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